The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago is proud to partner with Exelon Foundation to champion science learning for high school students and to encourage new thinking about our environment. We are inviting out-of-school providers to develop a “STEM lab of the future” aimed at tackling solutions to the environmental crisis, with a head-on approach and hands-on science skills. Recipients of the Exelon Foundation Green Lab Grant will be provided with funding to create or modernize new or existing spaces with interactive activities based in science, technology, math and/or engineering, among other disciplines. 

Our Goals:

-Provide middle and high school-aged youth from traditionally under-resourced areas with access to labs with new/updated equipment.

-Encourage a deeper understanding of how technology can be leveraged to promote environmental sustainability.

-Provide opportunities to promote youth problem-solving and creativity using new technologies.

-Foster career exposure and opportunities for students in each of Exelon’s service areas.


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